Saturday, August 9, 2014

Classroom Tour Part 1

It is time to show off our spaces, I hear! I cannot wait to share what I have been up to. It has been one busy summer, let me tell you, but I am sure you can all relate. As teachers, we love our breaks, but who really stops working in the summer? NOT me! 

Anyway, I decided last summer, when I was working on my bee theme that I was going to have superheroes this year. Yes, I am crazy and plan my theme a year ahead!! Please tell me I am not the only one! 
Please note that my room is still under construction since I don't start school until the 19th. I have so many more details to add to my room, plus a LOT of clean-up.
Here are a few photos: (More to come!!!) 

Here is one side of my room that is honestly still under construction. As you can see, I still have a mess, but all of that mess is decor that will be added to my superhero room. The bulletin board with yellow and red is for student work. It has a cute name above it that says, "'Wonder'ful Work." Do you get it? And there is a super cute little Wonder Woman superhero clip art image next to it. (I will post more photos soon.)

 My welcome door when you come in. Super Kutz!

 Look, it's Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd's lunch count headers!

 I love, love, love my pencil system! It works beautifully, and I'll never go back! Students get 2 pencils with their number on them on the first day of school. ( I only buy Ticonderoga)  I actually use Washi tape to create a cute little flag. I then write their class number with a sharpie. When one of their pencils breaks, they can put it in the "needs sharpening" bucket. Then they use their back-up pencil in the mean time. I will sharpen the pencils after school, or at a convenient time when I am not teaching. I had a few students that actually kept their pencils all year, WHAT!? In January, I give them 2 new labeled pencils. This worked so well last year!
 My students always remember to write their name! : ) (Not my idea)
 My desk. It still can use a little organization.

 I found this idea on pinterest. My job chart can be found here.
This is the back of my library. It needed a little Pizzaz. 

I see a few item's from Learning in Wonderland's store here! She has some amazing products and her room is absolutely perfect!
 I love my little bulletin board in the corner there. The one that has the banner. It reads, "Be a reading superhero." I will use this board for my AR punchcards and sign-up list. I did something similar last year, and it was very successful.  (I should blog about it, right Maribel? : ) )

My little helper. (Friend's daughter) She is testing out the library area.  (STILL A MESS!)

 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this bulletin board. This is wear I added their AR punchcards. It is a great way to track their AR progress, plus a fabulous incentive! The cards can be seen here.
 One if my favorites! My alphabet and my class rules. The alphabet took forever to design. I wanted it to go with my superhero theme, but I also wanted it to go with future themes. I love how it came out!
 Here you can see my other FAVORITE bulletin board. I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, @Learning in Wonderland! She has so many wonderful ideas!
 Zoey is trying out my new crate seats. She approves.
 Not my classroom, but look how cute these came out. My postcards I am sending out before school to welcome my kiddos.
 My table groups have lanterns above them with table numbers. So fun!

 Oh, there's my little helper again!
My Superhero Wordwall with letter headers

 Pretend you don't see the board next to my word wall. It was still being transformed in this photo. I used this bulletin board last year with my bee theme. 

Thanks for stopping by to see a preview of my room. I will update pictures soon! 

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Swimming into Second

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Daily 5

Hi, friends! I just finished reading the Daily 5. I am on the fence with this one. Before I start reading CAFE, I want to pose the question out there. Is it possible to combine Daily 5 with Treasures? Also, what if I don't have the technology to do one of the main components of the program, Listening to Reading. What are your experiences with Daily 5? Pros and Cons? With still learning the Common Core, and implementing a few other things this year, would it be too much to try out Daily 5, also?

Friday, June 21, 2013

I am becoming obsessed, y'all! I love creating my own products, posting them, and hearing that little *cha-ching* sound come through my TeachersPayTeachers App! SO FUN! I am so thankful for all the support I have been receiving as well. Thanks guys!

Yesterday and today I worked on these cute little buggers. I made bee themed calendar headings for the fall. I am getting pretty excited about doing bees this year. It's going to be so so cute! You can find them in my TPT store.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Michael's for the Classroom!

Alright, everyone! Look at what I found today! I was trying to go to Joann's Crafts to pick up some fabric, but somehow ended up at Michael's Arts and Crafts. It was pretty funny because I walked in circles looking for the fabric, and then suddenly I realized I was not in the store I thought I was in. Pretty bad, I know! I hadn't had my cup of Joe yet, okay? Anyway, I obviously did not get any fabric, but what I did find were these pretty babies! Chevron everything! They were screaming "buy me, buy me!" And so I listened, of course! I think Chevron, bees, and flowers will look great together for my theme next year, don't you? That's the first reason why I didn't feel so bad splurging, but the second reason I didn't feel bad was because they had a large, bright orange sign hanging above them that said 60% off. WHAT!? Go get you some chevron, people!

Friday, June 14, 2013


It's summer, and that makes me happy. It does! I was so sad when the year was coming to an end, and might I mention bawling on the last day. With out a doubt, I had the best class this year. The parents were amazing, too! (They were the ones that turned on the tears when we all said goodbye) Anyway, I am beginning to really enjoy waking up later than 4:30 AM and spending time with some of my hobbies. Thanks to @meetmissparker, I have learned so much about blogging and selling my own products on TPT, which has been a goal of mine since 2011!! Poor Kayla has been staying up past midnight these last few days because she has been getting late night texts with all my questions. Thank you, doll! Speaking of TPT, someone bought one of my products this AM!! WOOOHOO! On the way to paying off my new JEEP!

Monday, July 25, 2011

TARGET! A new teacher's best friend!

I have discovered the dollar section at Target this summer and boy is it exciting! Even though you only pay $1 per item, I have probably spent over $50 so far. So many great things for my classroom. If you want book boxes, stickers, pocket charts, or even bathroom passes that are super cute, they have 'em! You gotta check it out! I will definitely have to post some photos soon!